‘Stranger’ from the album that never got finished – Update!!!

by TG-WP on September 17, 2012

One of the track recorded with Sarah Grace at Wax Studios in 2011 – ‘Stranger’. Nothing ever really got finished but Tim did a mix that I thought I’d share…Turned out nicely. (If you want more, there’s a video of another Sarah Grace track from a performance at the Bedford, Balham on my video page! or you could go to my soundcloud page where I have a number if tracks from Sarah’s EP!!)

The EP has now been finished…There are the tracks I appeared on and a bonus track “Stranger MixB Demo” –

Vox – Sarah Grace

Guitar – James Stelling

Piano – Ben Burrell

Bass – Tiernan Godel

Drums (and mixing/production on “Stranger MixB Demo”) – Tim Rickard

Engineered/produced by Rob Strauss


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