Custom Basslines recorded for your music, all done over the internet…No expensive studio time and the whole process is as easy as “One, Two, Three, Four…”! (Other time signatures also available!)

  • Custom Basslines for your track. All styles – Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, etc…
  • Designed for Songwriters, Producers, DJs, soundtracks projects and  music libraries that require bass guitar.
  • Contact me to discuss your music project – or call me on 07939 047 183

Custom basslines – How It Works –

1. First Contact

When you first contact me about your project, we will discuss exactly what it is you require and how we can create basslines that best compliments your music. Ideally, a ‘brief’, outlining the details of your project including number of tracks; any specific song I can use as a reference for each track; any sounds you’d like me to use (or indeed avoid using) will help inform me and my choices when recording your custom basslines. Of course, if you have a specific written part, that is absolutely perfect as I can then play the exact rhythmic and melodic lines you would like for your song. You can provide this as a score (bass clef prefered but treble also fine) or as a sound file (played on a keyboard, guitar, banjo, etc…).

A bit of information about you, your music and general influences is also very helpful. A link to your website or previous songs you have recorded would be great.

2. Sending your tracks to work with

You can send me your sound files in an email or via a file transfer website such as DropBox, WeTransfer.  I’ll then compose a few bass lines using all we discussed as a reference and will send you an mp3 preview of your track with the new basslines in the mix. If you love it, great! But, if you have anything you’d like to amend or adjust, we can discuss what needs to be changed. I’ll then make any changes, send a new mp3 preview and we can go from there.

3. Approval and Payment

Once you are completely happy with the recorded basslines, I will send you a paypal invoice for the amount due.

4. Raw files sent to you!!

When I have received the money, I’ll send you the individual bass stems via Dropbox or WeTransfer. These will be sent as AIFF, WAV and mp3 formats for you to then drop into your DAW or recording software and mix as you wish. I can also arrange to send you a mix of the completed track including bass if you would prefer this.


£70 per track payable via Paypal






“Tiernan is a seriously great musician, and I love working with him. He has been an integral part of some of the biggest releases on ISM records so far, including the ‘Legacy’ album from the New York disco band Odyssey… I look forward to making more music with him.”

Andy Williams – Producer & DJ (aka YamWho!) / Founder & MD at Ism Records

Sample Magic

“Tiernan is a first-class bass player with a fine recording pedigree, style by the bucketload, and most importantly, a bottomless pit of fine creative ideas. Oh, and he’s a good guy to work with too.”
Dave Felton – Co-founder of Sample Magic



Harrow Boys School Crest

 “Tiernan is a highly professional and skilled bassist, with great groove and musicality. He prepares for sessions in a meticulous and thorough manner, and is always extremely amenable in the studio. It’s always a  pleasure working with him.”


GMR Layton BMus (Hons) PGCE MSt (Oxon) – Head of Music Technology, Harrow School



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