New Show Reel

Various tracks arranged into a showreel…

Show Reel edit of a Tommy Ludgate song

Various Recording

Odyssey –

“Inside Out” (Jesse Rae/ Slave) from the new Odyssey album “Legacy” (2011)

Vocal – Steve Collazo; Annis Peters
Keys – Hamish Balfour
Guitar – Rob Aitken
Flute and Saxes – Finn Peters
Bass – Tiernan Godel
Percussion – Des Morgan
Drums – Brian Fairbairn
Production and Keys – Andy (Yam Who) Williams

The Genius Collective

Ism Records present Birmingham’s multi talented Genius Collective, a live 7 piece hip hop, soul & jazz band offering an eclectic sound to get your body moving, your heads bopping and your brain thinking.

Already receiving radio support from Craig Charles (6 Music Funk & Soul Show) the band hooked up with Ism Records & Yam Who? in early 2012.
The live show and repertoire is a stunning balance between the past and present, both rich in depth history and culture. Ism has selected two fine tracks, the Genius original ‘Future’ and the sublime cover of the Amy Winehouse ‘Stronger Than Me’ which see’s the GC delivering a classic version of a legendary track.
Currently working on a number of collaborations with Great Scott, Why G? (Zulu Nation) and DME / Da Mighty Elementz to name but a few, GC are spreading the musical word across the country this summer, with gigs and festivals planned in Birmingham, London, Bristol, Norfolk, Harrogate and more. (Bass by Tiernan Godel)

Released by: ISM RecordsJul 30, 2012

Ben Carrigan Session – “The Greatest Narrators” album (released September 2011)

Ben’s album entitled The Greatest Narrators comprises a collection of beautifully crafted pop songs influenced by the likes of Carole King and Tom Waits but with the heady arrangements of Scott Walker. The songs are interwoven with a mix of stunning instrumental scores, soaring strings and a filmic sensibility. For the first time, The Greatest Narrators celebrates Ben’s strengths as a composer in the popular realm in his own right, as a multi-instrumentalist and as a solo artist. (Bass on tracks 1 & 4 by Tiernan Godel) Track 1 “Small Towns (That Heal Big City Wounds)”

Track 4 “No Prizes For Second Place”

James Stelling

“Stay In The Woods, Stay Green, Stay Safe” by James Stelling (2008)

Vocal – Sarah Grace
Guitar – James Stelling
Bass – Tiernan Godel
Drums – Simon Carnell

Produced by James Stelling

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