‘Soultronic’ by D’Angelo (“Live in Olso” album 2000)

by TG-WP on February 6, 2014


The Pino Palladino bass line from the D’Angelo track Soultronic from the Live in Stockholm (recorded on July 8th 2000). Pino has been a major influence for me since I first heard his playing on the “Standing in the shadows of Motown” CD (Accompanying the book) I sought albums he’d played on and transcribed many of the lines.

On this particular track I haven’t followed exactly the line he plays but, having worked on the various phrases and harmony, I aimed to allowed my playing to flow in the spirit of his original line. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. More to come….

1974 Fender Precision into Focusrite. Audio recorded using Logic (a mild amount of EQ used); Filmed on an iPhone 4s edited in iMovie.

Download the transcription here!!

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